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two of my favorite fantasy “reference” books. Both are written as if they are actual field guides with details regarding size, biology, etc. Great for those interested in the fantasy realm. Plus the Dragonology book teaches you how to read and write “draconic runes” with a full alphabet.

Both books have lift-the-flap style pages throughout but more so in the Dragonology book which also has textured bits to touch.

10/10 would recommend for kids ages 7 and up because they’re so amazingly detailed in the text. Dragonology has a few small envelope flaps with removable notes for the reader; may get misplaced with very young children. Spiderwick Field Guide has removable book jacket but the actual hard cover is very aesthetically pleasing as well, just in case it gets lost or ripped.

Dragonology: estimated $20-25 new (it doesn’t say anywhere on the book

Arthur Spiderwick Field Guide to the Fantastical World Around you: $25 new

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